Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happiness Is Found In Moments...

Joy Is Everlasting(Isaiah 51:11)

Finding Joy in life is to live in peace. Gods love brought him to the cross that we may live in freedom. That our lives would no longer be lived in condemnation, fear, and torment, but to experience the love of the father perfected within us. When you have an encounter with God you encounter a life filled with joy. The world around you could cave in, all could be broken, all can be counted lost when we see with the eyes of the spirit and faith.

Buying into the worlds happiness is selling yourself short of Gods joy. Happiness is momentary and keeps us striving for more. It is an endless pursuit... Only in Jesus do we find joy, true joy is sustained through time and is not contingent on how you feeling, because true Joy is found in the eternal things which no man can steal or corrupt. I encourage you today, not to have your pursuit be joy or comfort but rather run to the feet of Jesus and long for his everlasting joy!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Allowing Supernatural Power To...

Empower Your Natural Work!

I firmly believe that God empowers us Supernaturally in our Natural work. Every day there are tasks, jobs, goals, dreams, visions, and gifts that we follow after and are called to do. We look to succeed and be the best at what we do, BUT without Gods supernatural we will fall short of the capabilities he has promised and call us to fulfill(2 Timothy 4:5)

Every time God calls a man or woman of God to fulfill a divine dream or vision, God always follows up with His supernatural POWER resting "upon" that person. When Saul was anointed King of Israel scripture says that the Spirit of God came upon Him with power and he became a new man! When Mary was told she would conceive the Son of God - Jesus - the only way she was able to stay in faith and rest is when the Spirit of the Most high "overshadowed" her. When the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus it says in the next verse "Then He started His ministry."

Gods call on your life will depend on you working in natural environments, with natural people, BUT Gods promises that our work and our ministry will gifted not with natural words but POWER from the Holy Spirit.

I challenge you today whether God has asked you to be faithful with being a student, a teacher, a business man, a mother or father, any small or large task, any natural or ministry driven job that you ask God to place His supernatural power on your work. Continually speak the Word of God over your life and Hide the Word in your heart...

And Live Heaven On Earth.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Don't Feel God? Don't Sense His Presence? Feeling Distant From Jesus?

Because you are only as distant as you make yourself to God...

I am so certain that many believers today go through trials and hardships in their lives and forget what they first committed to Christ, to follow Him. To many times I have seen myself sulk in a problem or situation that didn't go the way it should have instead of having faith in God.

Our relationship in God is a commitment that says no matter what happens, no matter what I feel I am running after you! I would love to ask a few questions... Do you ever feel distant from God? Do you ever not feel His powerful presence in your prayers, or maybe not even in His word when you read it? Do you ever witness to someone and not feel him strongly in your conversation?

How about have you consistently the last 7 days woke up and read His word? Have you taken time in prayer to petition for your needs, lift up others, lift up His name, and then be quiet and listen to what He has to say? Have you gone throughout your days consistently asking God to put a hunger in your heart for His heart? My conclusion is that we are only as far and distant from God as we make ourselves. God is a more than a gentleman... He is the one Triune God, the definition of Majestic, Strength, Peace, the creator of the universe, all knowing, all powerful.... Omnipresent... Its not our feeling that dictates where He is but are awareness that he is always with us.

Don't let your present feeling of distance take away this moment you can pray and say "Jesus even when I dont feel you... I lift up your name and call you wonderful counselor, the everlasting father, my prince of peace, my Lord of lords and today, tonight, and forever I worship you... open my heart today, help me love you and others more, and give me strength and desire for your heart and word each day."

Monday, October 3, 2011

Achieving The Impossible...

Our society places a pressure on each generation. It tries to define each person. Very few ever have the ability or chance to be "different" to stand out and redefine the status quo. Society cannot stand when someone comes in and "stands out." To stand out and make a difference in this culture requires an individual to deny themselves of the ordinary pleasures of life. Although you deny yourselves a few earthly pleasures we are building up a heavenly treasure that no man can take away, and no man can give.

I am so confident that whatever your heart dreams, whatever your eyes envision, whatever you mind dares to think impossible is so close to becoming possible. Christ gives us ideas and dreams that without Him will never become a reality. But with Him we can define and reestablish how others think, talk and live for the rest of their lives.

Anyone sick of walking by the same people in the same offices, maybe standing next to the same people in the same elevator every morning, a classic "how are you," a classic response "good, and you?" I am sick of hearing people complain about their job, people who do what they do because of the money. Whats your passion? Whats your dream? Whats your vision for you life? Do you even have a passion, dream, or vision anymore? Did you ever have one? 

Write out your passion.. If you dont have one then ask God for one... If He is your passion then find a place to serve=free work unto the Lord... Then take out a journal, a piece of paper, your bible... and begin to write... anything, everything dream ideas and things that you want to see happen that will expand the kingdom of God. Every dream, vision, and passion should surround itself less around you and more around God. If they dont, then your focus is off.
Take all these dreams passions, and vision... and begin to pray that God would use you to fulfill them... Read them daily and pray about them continually. Excited to see what God turn your impossible dream into a possible reality! Every reality begins with house your perceive yourself. Its your awareness and consciousness to a reality that is beyond what you see... This is faith that brings you into His kingdom, where every dream becomes your reality!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

"He is The Saving Strength,

Of His Annointed." Psalms 28:8

Don't give up on your situation today. The Word of God says in Galatians "Do not grow weary in well doing, for in due season we shall reap a harvest if we do not faint." The storms intensities in your life will be at its peak right before God asks you to step out of the boat and Onto the water. Christ's strength is promised for those who are His, We are His anointed. The word anointed in the Hebrew 4899 maw-shee- which means a consecrated person. Jesus is saying consecrate yourself for my purpose and my strength will be your strength.

I believe that we all face daily trials, all to slowly fade us, slowly desensitize us into believing that our everyday cannot be lived in the JOY, PEACE, and LOVE God promised we can find rest in, But today God is waiting and asking for you that "in your time of trouble that he shall hide you in His pavilion, in the secret of His tabernacle shall he hide you, and set you up upon a rock."Find his presence, rest in it, learn to live and walk in it. Your temple houses His presence now, embrace it, cultivate it, protect it, because in His presence is where we find His will.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

What One Generation Tolerates,

The Next Generation Embraces.

This statement could never do more true, each generation become more desensitized to the pressures of the world. We must stand firm in confirming and defending the Word of Truth. In Ezekiel, a Word from the Lord came to Ezekiel and it was about two sisters the "Older and Younger" sisters. The Older sister represented Samaria which would be the Northern part of Israel. She defiled herself before God and gave herself to immorality. She committed harlotry and choose the passing pleasures of this world rather than serving her God.

It says in Ezekiel 23:11 "Now although her Sister saw this, she became more corrupt in her lust than she, and in her harlotry more corrupt than her sisters harlotry."

The younger sister embraced what her younger sister tolerated and it was worse off for the younger. She "increased her harlotry," to a greater measure than that of her sisters.

In this generation we make grey of everything black, there is white and black. God gives discernment to those who are willing to live not by their ideas but Gods laws of holiness, and he also gives people over in their delusion of thoughts. Give your heart, mind, will to God, lay your ideas at His alter and not falter or budge at what the world says in acceptable.

If my generation does not make a firm stand the next generation is set up at a worse standard, and we must set our standard or else the standard will set itself.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"The fast that I have choosen." Isaiah 58:6

Is not found in our pleasures, our own words, or our ways...Isaiah 58:13

Christ has choosen a fast for us. Many fast food, certain pleasures, friends, music, or desires that take a portion of our time to then take that time to seek God on issues. But God has "choosen" a fast for us.

Our choosen fast is to:
"loose the bonds of wickedness,
undo the heavy burdens,
let the oppressed go free,
and break every yoke,
To share your bread with the hungry,
and bring to your house the poor who are cast out."

Fasting is not just meant to receive answers from Christ for our direction but an opportunity to meet the needs of the lost, broken, needy, and the poor. He continues to describe that we should extend our soul to the hungry and the afflicted. Then is says "THEN" our light shall dawn in the darkness. Then the Lord will "guide us continually." I know many people are searching for direction in their lives. They are looking for a healing, to be protected by God. He clearly shows us that after we clothe the nakid, feed the poor, that then "your healing shall spring forth speedily," then we will "delight ourselves in the Lord," and recieve guidance.

Allow our fast to be to give our time. Giving our time for others, to serve and not be served.... Then he will "satisfy your soul in drought, and stregthen your bones." Gods pleased with a lifestyle of fasting. This is not just for the Nazarites, but for all those who ask God to burden them with His heart. Then we can fast and it isnt just about us, but about the world that needs Him.

I challenge you to fast by giving time to others who are desperately needing a touch from Christ.